The founder of the Jah Kings project, Alexander Kofi, recently signed with Seven Day Records out of Tampa, FL.  He has an impressive career opening for the legendary Four Tops, Journey, Foreigner, Phyllis Hyman, Bobby Womack, TLC, Shai, Cyril Neville and top reaggae acts Culture, Yellowman, The Itals, Eekamouse, Everton Blender, Inner Circle and Buju Banton.  Kofi has toured internationally, following his bloodline to Ghana in West Africa. His heritage is Ashante African, Blackfoot Lakota and Cherokee and Choctaw.  His ancestors heavily influence the message of his music, unconditional love and non-judgement.  

Kofi is a former world class track athlete.  He was a national team member on the U.S. national track and field team and a two-time Olympic trial semifinalist in 1984 and 1988.  In 1981 he won State Champion in the 110 meter high hurdles and the 400 meter relay,  soon after recovering from a broken ankle.  This perseverance in sports is seen in every aspect of Kofi's life.  

The Jah kings project


“When you’re in nature, the tide comes in and goes out,” said Alexander Kofi, lead singer and guitarist of Jah Kings, describing the music of his band.  “You can’t speed it up, you can’t slow it down.”  

Since the birth of Jah Kings, there has been a riptide of musicians coming in and out of the band, however, according to Alexander Kofi, “once a King, always a King.”  This family mentality applies to the “queens” who have played with him, the roadies, the sound guy that one night, the doorman, and anyone who feels the unconditional love of Jah Kings music. 

In November of 2014, Kofi found management and a record label, Seven Day Records, that had ideals aligned with his.  Since then the new Jah Kings began to fall into place bringing in Nathan Firestone (keyboard, vocals),  Arnie Alba (percussion, native flute), Diego Sanchez (bass), and Tony Eilets (percussion). With diverse instruments on stage, Jah Kings explores world music through roots reggae. A diverse assortment of percussion instruments and native flute helps to explore the Native American roots of Alexander Kofi and band members' heritage. 

One thing is certain, the music of Jah Kings will never fail to lift the spirits of everyone it reaches.